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Our Response to God’s Sympathy for Us

“Do not offer the parts of your body to sin, as instruments of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer the parts of your body to him as instruments of righteousness.”

– Romans 6:13 NIV


I spoke with a number of young people, over the years, who were professing Christians and they were struggling with their decision to participate in same sex relationships, because they knew what they were doing was regarded as a sin, according to the bible, and it was not right for them to be doing what they were doing believing themselves to be a Christian. I have spoken with teenagers and adults who regretted losing their virginity before getting married.

People have confided in me their sin of committing adultery in their marriage, engaging in domestic violence against their spouse and students who’ve had to get an abortion before and while in high school. I have spoken with parents and students who have confided in getting into a physical altercation with each other in the heat of anger and rage. David, King of Israel who defeated Goliath and was regarded as a man after God’s own heart, committed adultery and had the husband of the woman he slept with murdered to cover up the fact that she was pregnant with his child.

Moses murdered an Egyptian soldier out of anger for the mistreatment against his people while in slavery in Egypt. Everyday we are surrounded by people who profess to be Christians but they gossip, tell others about who they don’t like and spread rumors about others and some even look to instigate conflicts and threaten to, or fight, other people. Like songwriter Marvin Gaye says in his classic hit, ‘What’s going on?’ Everyday we are challenged by our circumstances to respond in a way that honors God or dishonors Him, which reflects our spiritual maturity as a Christian.

It also shows our need to depend upon the fruit of self-control provided by God’s Spirit who is with us and in us through faith in Jesus Christ. We commit sins everyday, oftentimes without even knowing it. It is not possible to go through a day without committing a sin, but it is possible to avoid consistently committing willful sins. God told Cain, in Genesis 4, that if Cain did not do what was right sin would have him, but Cain could learn to master his sins.

Because the Spirit of God lives in us through faith in Jesus Christ we have the power, or ability, to master, or demonstrate self-control, over the sins in our life. When I am willing to master the sins in my life and demonstrate self-control I am now willing to admit what I am doing is not right. Then I will seek God’s help in prayer to ask for His guidance and strength, through His Spirit living in me, to empower me to live for Him. This is my response to God’s sympathy expressed towards me in Jesus Christ.